Putting Ethics into Practice – Seminar

On 15th July, 2013, Richard Hammond spoke at a seminar ‘Putting Ethics into Practice’ at the Law Society of Ireland

Speakers & Organiser

Professor Timothy Casey, Director of the Skills Training and Ethical Practice (STEPPS) Program, California Western School of Law, San Diego, California, Freda Grealy, Diploma Manager, Law Society of Ireland and Richard Hammond

At this seminar Professor Casey outlined his observations regarding the level of training for law students and would-be lawyers in the U.S.A.  He described the pioneering legal education modules which have been rolled out at California Western School of Law to improve training in ethics and professional responsibility.  Richard Hammond spoke about professionalism and ethics in the context of the solicitors’ profession in Ireland, drawing a distinction between the silent majority for whom ethical practices and prudent professional

responsibility are an innate product of reflective reasoning and the well-publicised minority of solicitors for whom ethics has little or no bearing.  He illustrated his comments with practical examples derived from his time on the Complaints & Client Relations Committee and the Council of the Law Society of Ireland and spoke of the external and internal pressures threatening to erode the professionalism and professional standing of solicitors.