A broad legal practice

We know nobody wants to engage with the law unless it is absolutely necessary.

Despite the apprehension, there are many good reasons to contact your legal advisor.  Whether you are buying property, selling a business, registering a trademark or making a Will, a good legal advisor is able to offer support and guidance while minimising stress.

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Professional and friendly

At Hammond Good Solicitors, we believe in offering a fresh approach focussed on your needs.

We provide a personal, friendly and professional service and we take pride in our work.

Our broad-based and diverse experience allows us to offer a wide range of legal services; while retaining depth of knowledge and support for our clients.

Call or email us to experience legal support focused on your needs, delivered by friendly professionals with expertise and experience.

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Hammond Good Solicitors
Richard is an extremely thorough and competent solicitor and based on my experience of him, he has a real expertise in untangling complex probate files which have defeated others.  The administration of estates is a legal minefield which can often be beset by delays, Richard pushed ahead and focused on resolving problems and obstacles and used them as an opportunity to progress rather than delay.
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