A broad legal practice

We know nobody wants to engage with the law unless it is absolutely necessary.

Despite the apprehension, there are many good reasons to contact your legal advisor.  Whether you are buying property, selling a business, registering a trademark or making a Will, a good legal advisor is able to offer support and guidance while minimising stress.

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Professional and friendly

At Hammond Good Solicitors, we believe in offering a fresh approach focussed on your needs.

We provide a personal, friendly and professional service and we take pride in our work.

Our broad-based and diverse experience allows us to offer a wide range of legal services; while retaining depth of knowledge and support for our clients.

Call or email us to experience legal support focused on your needs, delivered by friendly professionals with expertise and experience.

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Hammond Good Solicitors
Regarding wills and estates, a very substantial and interesting talk was given by Solicitor and Council Member Richard Hammond that was a real tour de force, dealing inter alia with some trust issues and the decisions by the court on tax treatment of them, changes to the law that closed a gap and threatened to expose poorly drafted or older wills, and, arising out of that, a general plea for will-drafting not to be either regarded as a routine or low-skill activity. Again, the Irish profession has similar challenges to ours.
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